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Thursday, December 22, 2011

peace conflict

I want to choose the perfect photo for you. Something for the season. Something with some meaning, maybe unusual. Or funny. Or, though it's not usually my thing, breathtakingly beautiful. Something just right. 
I've been saving this image all year but, now that it's the right time, I'm thinking it's a little odd. 1211_galezucker 
 Wishing you a season of love, a new year of prosperity, and a clarity of vision. 

Sunday, November 13, 2011

tooting my horn: Best Books 2011!

When I was thinking about starting my first blog, way back in 2005, I asked a few people what they thought about this new form. "Nerdy." "Needy" "Really narcissisistic", were the replies I got.
(Not that I heeded them).
Anyway, I'm going to be a nerdy narcissist and announce, proudly, that we made Amazon's Best Books of 2011 list!
3  students- from Knitting for a Cause section
In my defense,  some of the content in the book is about making the world better and helping others. Here's a free excerpt with knitting pattern (value! added!) on the subject.
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actually I shoot for many non-profits--see some of that work on my Gale Zucker Photography website