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Sunday, November 13, 2011

tooting my horn: Best Books 2011!

When I was thinking about starting my first blog, way back in 2005, I asked a few people what they thought about this new form. "Nerdy." "Needy" "Really narcissisistic", were the replies I got.
(Not that I heeded them).
Anyway, I'm going to be a nerdy narcissist and announce, proudly, that we made Amazon's Best Books of 2011 list!
3  students- from Knitting for a Cause section
In my defense,  some of the content in the book is about making the world better and helping others. Here's a free excerpt with knitting pattern (value! added!) on the subject.
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actually I shoot for many non-profits--see some of that work on my Gale Zucker Photography website