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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

northward bonus

This is my favorite place to eat in Montpelier Vermont. It's  tiny and delicious, with cooking as artisanal as food can get.  If a client hadn't taken me here earlier this year, I'd never have found it.  So if you're up that way--don't overlook the little side street storefront.  Thrilled to have a shoot in Montpelier as an excuse to see what''s on their menu. Extra thrilled to do so more than once this month, as I'm back north for a corporate portrait / annual report client.  I  heart location photography.
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Sunday, August 7, 2011

what it takes

An awesome crew to make a woman's mag shoot day with sucky weather in Darien CT turn out  fine.
(L to R: Laren Clark for hair/ makeup, Susan Falzone photo asst, our good sport subject, and stylist April Spicer)
and lots of encouraging words....ok 90% are them are "good" and 8 % are "gooooooood!"   (thanks Susan Falzone for grabbing the video)
A porch with a chair or two at the end of the day. Maybe with some wine. Just saying. (later in the week, in Montpelier VT)
and a wonderful client to test stand in for the CEO. Jazz hands, optional.
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