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Saturday, June 16, 2012

the joy of organization

There are people who organize linearly. Everything in a row, filed away off the desk, alphabetized and outlined using roman numerals and letters. Then there are those  who need some randomness to function. Maybe they just don't like to follow rules?
sept 99 1st day of kindergarten........last day of high school 2012
I might be one of those people. But yesterday, having a system made my day.
The concept: It was my younger son's last day of high school. On his way out, I insisted he stop to pose on the front step, just like he did starting kindergarten. Maybe, um,  a little less eagerly.

Next idea: I'd pair the photos. The kindergarten shot was 1999, pre-digital. I had to really think hard to recall what my filing system was for color negs then- and there they were, in the 8/99 box

Mission accomplished. 


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