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Sunday, August 15, 2010


One of three images I'm exhibiting & donating to the Arts Council of Greater New Haven fundraiser, Somewhat Off the Wall. I like supporting local arts organizations. Used to be I'd spend a whole day or so in the darkrooom making just the right prints for this annual event.
But this image was made simply. I'm not even going to talk about how simply.  I was feeling guilty about how little processing & fussing went on. Then I thought, maybe it's not the time in front of the monitor today but the years getting ready to see this moment.
Oooooooooh. Only Zoltar knows.


  1. It's like when someone asks me how long an embroidery or painting took and I say a few hours and a lifetime.

    I feel like a kid when I look at this pic :)

    ps. thanks for the link the other day.

  2. amazingly happy colors. i want Zoltar to take me back in time...or something.

  3. A few hours and a lifetime. I like that. Can Zoltar help others? Will the plumber ever be done at my house?