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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

editing when you're very happy

is actually harder than when things are just plain old good. Because, it is SO hard to edit out the ones you don't like as much when you  remember how much fun you had with the subjects, and are very very pleased with the whole take.*

These are some fresh portraits for a private girl's school, from a location photo shoot of some students,  teachers and trustees. And to say I overshot is...um..yeah. Gotta go. Several hundred images to narrow down and a very patient designer waiting.

* for those of you also waiting patiently for the Rhinebeck Project, this is precisely the problem, minus the designer drumming his fingers with a deadline. (And, more volume.)

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see what I've edited into my portfolio at Gale Zucker Photography &  more from this shoot over on Dripbook


  1. those girls are so cute!

  2. Makes one really glad to be a female. All those happy women and one blue-eyed boy!


  3. having a difficult time editing because you have too many great shots is a very, very good problem. these shots are so fun, great work, gale!