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Friday, September 23, 2011

about time

in which I talk about me talking about myself. So meta. So narcissist. Be warned.
It is astounding how one can miss the forest for the trees. Especially on one's own website. For years, there's been no live link on my home page.
Somewhere along the way I lost sight of that fact that,  you know, the most important function of the website is for people to contact me for work. All the while fiddling with little details within the portfolios. This is why working for yourself can be such a humbling experience, you can not blame the Media Relations department or the head of Communications for this kind of stupidity.

As of today, I am live linked to my email and to my Flovors.me page, which takes you to me all over the intertubes. Go ahead, look & click.

 ps. Here's my new book, out Sept 27. I'd like to own it even if I didn't spend a year working on it. Pre-order now, in stores Tuesday, book signings and talks coming soon. I'll list them here next week.


  1. I got the book yesterday and I love it, (and not just because we are in it ;) Faythe's intro really resonated, and I enjoyed the photographs, the writing, and especially some of the projects. I really love the grannysquare greenbag.
    all the best with your book :)

  2. Thanks Corrinne, it was you & Nancy and the rest of the artists that deserve the appreciation. Really glad you like it!

  3. Hi Gale - I so wish I could go but I made plans a few weeks ago to meet a client for drinks and pizza. GOOD LUCK with the book signing, and at one of clients', too! Double bonus points. xo