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Saturday, October 12, 2013

recently published: Green Mountain Weekend

In mid August, I photographed an ebook for a lovely client, Green Mountain Spinnery.  The theme? Autumn weekend in New England,  showcasing eight woolly designs, all knit up in the spinnery's natural fiber (read: warm) yarns. And now, the ebook's released!
Love the cover design, featuring the hat Margaret's Tam
Truth is, I like the challenge of faking a season. An excuse for using cider donuts as a prop? Yes, please.
The Aria Tunic.
Want to guess how long those donuts lasted once we had the shot?
Thanks to the good humor of my [real people] models wearing all the layers in summer, the talent of our makeup artist DD Nickel, and me bossing around the models to stand in front of old barns instead of our location's lush vegetable patches and flower gardens, we pulled off  the ruse.
Odiorne sweater. She was scared balancing on the barrel but hid it well, right?
Putney Mountain vest
There's more I want to say about this shoot, and show...but I guess that'll be another post--today it really is a splendid autumn day, I need to get out there and enjoy the season in real life, not just in my photos.

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