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Monday, May 2, 2011

bright ideas

It's taken me a month--a month!- to digest the brain-filling weekend I spent in Chicago at the ASMP SB3 photographers' conference. S for Strictly B for Business. There was none of that silly what-lens-didja-use photo talk. Instead, much vision, humor, creativity, mutual respect, talent, a little supercool futurist stuff, some local 312 beer, friends, SEO talk... ideas and more ideas.

Maybe what I liked best was the tone set by keynote speaker Colleen Wainwright. You read her, right? (I mean you read her, Wainwright?) She's online as the Communacatrix.
Her mantra for us, to be successful in marketing ourselves by being true to our passions and vision is a simple list:
• be useful
• be specific
• be nice
A good recipe for being successful as a human as well as a photographer, yes?
If you're wondering about the lamp posts, they're an art installation outside the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Driving by last year after a long day of shooting, I wasn't sure what to do with it. But couldn't not stop, get out and make some photos. You know how that is.

ps  This link to the museum takes you to their online archive of public domain artworks, available for your personal non-commercial use. Go forth and artify your blog!

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  1. Me too! There's soemthing about being in a big crowd of photogrpahers that makes me want to drink beer. There was some other local brew I also loved, wish I could remember the name, of course I was guilty of judging (and drinking) a beer by its label.