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Thursday, May 19, 2011


Deep in the heart of New Jersey (Ok, in Princeton) is an ace baker with a handcrafted cookie business. She's switching her etsy shop, and her corporate gifts business onto a beautiful new fancypants website at www.ImperialCookies.com .  So I headed down to the Garden State to do some photography for it. These are peanut butter chocolate chunk and they.taste.amazing. FYI, so do her biscotti and her ginger cookies, and let's not forget oatmeal raisin and chocolate chunk..... the website is live now, if you're inspired  to sample luscious old fashioned cookies & biscotti, and dense rich cakes.
I was thrilled that the creative direction included a portrait of the baker, Arline Conigliaro, as well as "real life" product shots. (What , you weren't aware of my sub-motto: "real victuals in real places" ? )
We wanted something fun, but not fake-jokey: no clouds of flour all over her face and hands, or cookie ingredients run amok, or Lucille Ball-in-the-factory. You just don't see things like that in a professional kitchen. But with Arline as the subject, there's no shortage of enthusiasm, so we ran with that.

ps. She sent me on my way home with a care package.  One sweeeeet client.

pps also, full disclosure, her hubby makes the best pizza in New Jersey at his  place in the center of Princeton, Iano's Rosticerria. Not exaggerating. Try it if you're by there.

altho I most often shoot real people in real places, 
you can see more real food photography at my website Gale Zucker Photography

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  1. yum! love these images, gale!